Children Secure

Children Secure

Android smartphones is useful function for doing study and other important work.  

At that time children are use smart android phones and tablet for playing games and see videos. And that time children don’t know his/her time are going for waste. So, children are not focus on study and can’t get high percentage.

How to Use Children Secure :-

Children Secure is best application for parents. Children Secure prevents children for using smartphones.  Children Secure also prevents children for playing games, downloading games and other non-usable works.

Children Secure is useful for saving child’s time. When parents lock any application then child can’t open it. If parents unlock application then children use application.


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How to Register :-

First, User have to register in mobile with Username, E-mail address and password. After entering above all detail then you have to set security question for forgot password. So, you have to remember security question. Then you have to register on website with Username, Email address and password. After register you have to login.

Then you have scan your mobile on website.


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How to Lock Application :-

Parents can lock any application anytime on website. Parents can set time limit. Parents can handle his/her child’s mobile. Parents can set time limit on any application.

Daily time limit is useful functionality for lock application in day and week.

If you have two device then you can handle two devices. Use this application and save your children’s time.


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