Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is amazing and full enjoyment GPS game. It's a very funny game and endless game for you. You can play this game when you are travelling.


About Pokemon Go :-

When you are open pokemon go appplication that time first display splash screen after few seconds display second screen in this screen you have to enter your birth date than you have to sign up with google or pokemon trainer club.


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After you have to select gender than you have to choose bag, jacket, cap, hair, t-shirt, shoes, eye and mouth. And create your lovely character in pokemon go. Using this character you can play game in any city and roads.


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There are many type of pokemon display on earth like, charizard, blastoise, Pikachu, venusasur and other many pokemon available. There are 250 pokemon available in pokemon game. yu have to get all pokemon in this game. This game is provide amazing pokemon for more fun. And pokemon will upgrade when level is up and get enjoy of it. Pokemon are display in this image.


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You can play this game in team. You have to find pokemon nearby you and your neighborhood if anyone pokemon nearby you that time your mobile will vibrate that time you have catch it. Search quickly and catch it fast.


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When catch many pokemon that time level will be up.You can found pokemon in temple, garden, museaums, any historical place and much more place avialable in world. You can get more enjoy when you are success to catch pokemon and you fealing like real adventuere. 

For playing this game your device is compatible with 2 GB ram and 4.4 and up android version. Download this game at that time and get more fun.


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