Top 5 Best Android Applock

Top 5 Best Android Applock

Applock is important for lock any application in your smartphones. Applock is provide many ways to lock your app like, PIN, password and draw pattern in screen.  All applock is free in play store. You can change your pin or password in setting easily.


1. Secret applock :-

Secret applock is best applock in play store. Secret applock is working smoothly in all smatphones. Secret applock is lock your gallery, call, contact, mail, photos, SMS and much more application in your tablet and mobile. Secret applock also scan your smartphones for junk files, virus safe and clean up your device. Secret applock's size is small so, you can also store in phone memory. Power saving mode is useful functionality for save battery. Intruder selfie is important things in secret applock for best protection.

In secret applock intruder selfie is important things for high security. Intruder selfie is work as, when you entered wrong pin or password more time than intruder selfie take your photo. Nobody can access your smartphones. You can lock your all type of things like, wi-fi, bluetooth and your data. Secret applock is amazing download now and enjoy it.


                                                                                 download secret applock android application


2. Applock :- 

Applock lock all type of application in your smartphones. This app is safe and protect your samrtphones. There are many features in applock like, pin, password or new feature is fingerprint. This application prevent unauthorized access and privacy in your smartphones. Applock is very important to hide your personal images and videos easily. There are many downloads of applock. 

Applock is provide to change your forgot password using email.  In this applock you have to do not need pin or password directly use fingerprint.


                                                                                download applock android application

3. CM security :- 

CM security is use for lock application. CM security has amazing features for lock app. CM security provide multilayer protection, intruder detection and safe browsing and much more. CM security helps to find your smartphones using it's tools. In this app fingerpint is new feature and it support it only selected devices.

CM security supports 50+ languages. Scan your mobile after installing for trojan and virus. Using CM security anyone not find your secrets.


                                                                               download cm securiity android  application


4. LEO Privacy - applock, boost, hide :- 

LEO Privacy is protect your privacy and lock all type of app. Using this app you can protect your private data. You can protect your SMS and other data using LEO privacy applock. LEO privacy applock provide many features to use it. Intruder selfie is useful function for anyone enter wrong password than take photo. 

You can hide SMS, contact, call logs, to safe in LEO privacy applock. LEO privacy applock provide boost up for your mobile. 


                                                                              download LEO privacy applock


5. Applock(Smart applock) :-

Smart applock has many features and all features are amazing. Smart applock is work as lock all application of play store. Smart applock supporting 31 languages. Your any friends can't able to see your private data in your smartphones. Smart applock do not uninstall any person. In smartapplock new feature is multiple password in each app. In Lock screen there are many pattern dots so hard to unlock your device.

In this app Intruder selfie is available for protect your phone.


                                                                               download smart applock android application